Within the framework of the Jean Monnet Module ‘Social Policy and Politics in the EU’, a course on EU social policy is taught at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) for the three consecutive years, starting in the Spring 2020 semester.

The course serves as an introduction to the EU ‘social dimension’ and its political dynamics. It acquaints students with EU social policy sensu stricto as well as with activities and regulations that fall outside its realm but have important social implications. It also highlights tensions over the balance between economic and social principles arising in the context of EU market integration and EU enlargement to the east, and looks at future challenges in the social sphere, including those related to technological progress.

Most classes take the form of interactive lectures featuring in-class discussions and tasks based on the analysis primary sources, in particular EU legal documents. Within the framework of the course, students will also participate in a Sofia-based Debate on a selected social aspect featuring in the European Semester report on Bulgaria; stage a simulation of a debate between the proponents and opponents of the reform of the European Posting Directive; and design socially-oriented campaigns.

Updates and materials related to the course will be regularly posted on this website.